Public Computers


The library has 8 computers in Red Bluff, 7 computers in Corning, and 5 computers in Los Molinos available for public use. You must have a valid library card in good standing to use one. Each library also has a station where you may plug-in your laptop for power only.

Appointments are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each person is allowed up to 1 hour a day - no exceptions. Your time will be scheduled to the nearest half-hour.

You must present your library card when signing up for a computer. Sign-ups must be made in person at the front desk. You may sign up in advance to reserve time, but only for later that same day. We do not make reservations by phone.

Computer programs include but are not limited to - Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Draw, Presentation and Database programs, Gale Research Database (includes Chilton Library, General Reference Center Gold, Health Reference Center, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Testing & Education Reference Center), Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Computers are equipped with a CD burner and USB ports.

Printing in black ink is available for 5ยข a page. All pages printed must be paid for.

Travelers passing through town will be allowed a 15 min. e-mail check without a library card.

See the INTERNET POLICY for more information.