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Daughters of Eve

Daughters of Eve

By Lois Duncan

Call # J FIC  c.2

From the publisher: A high school teacher uses the guise of feminist philosophy to manipulate the lives of a group of girls with chilling results.

Todd / Librarian: When this book was first released in the 1970s, it was criticized as being antifeminist. The author maintained that the story is in fact about the dangerous role overzealous adults can play on young people. This is an issue I have been thinking about a lot since I became a teen librarian. I see both points and the author does a very nice job of showing how the world is filled with lots of nice and not so nice people. The theme of the bullied becoming bullies is as relevant today as it was when it was published in the 1970s. Readers will enjoy reading how group dynamics affect individual choice and of course get a kick out of how things can feel simultaneously different and the same from 40 years ago.



 age of sustainable development


The age of sustainable development

By Jeffrey D. Sachs ; foreword by Ban Ki-Moon

Call # 338.9 SAC

From the publisher: Jeffrey D. Sachs is one of the world's most perceptive and original analysts of global development. In this major new work he presents a compelling and practical framework for how global citizens can use a holistic way forward to address the seemingly intractable worldwide problems of persistent extreme poverty, environmental degradation, and political-economic injustice: sustainable development. Sachs offers readers, students, activists, environmentalists, and policy makers the tools, metrics, and practical pathways they need to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Far more than a rhetorical exercise, this book is designed to inform, inspire, and spur action. Based on Sachs's twelve years as director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, his thirteen years advising the United Nations secretary-general on the Millennium Development Goals, and his recent presentation of these ideas in a popular online course, The Age of Sustainable Development is a landmark publication and clarion call for all who care about our planet and global justice.

Susan Olson Higgins / Friend of the Corning Library: This is an important book, probably one of the most important in this decade, which outlines in detail the urgency of our earth's conditions on many levels from environment to the population explosion, the need for nations to work together to creating governments that honor, educate, feed, and respect all people.  Working in tandem, we can save our earth.  Time is precious.  We need to act immediately, or put ourselves in peril. I personally have recommended this book to as many as possible from librarians to educators to scientists, to business leaders, and Congressmen, as well as many more, in hopes the word will reach those who read it may be influenced, and join the race to save our earth. This is an urgent issue. This book addresses problems and solutions with extraordinary research, referencing top experts in the world.




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