Automatic Renewals

The Tehama County Board of Supervisors has recently approved an update to our previous borrowing policy.

The Tehama County Library will use the addition of a new automatic renewal process. Now if an item (e.g. book, DVD, audiobook) is due and nobody has placed any holds on it, the item will be automatically renewed (up to 1 time). 

If a book was originally due on 5/3/2023 and there were no future holds on it; and hasn’t been returned, then the automatic renewal process will activate and the new due will be 5/24/2023.

Keep in mind that this is only a 1-time automatic renewal on the original due date the items were checked out. There will not be a 2nd or 3rd automatic renewal. Items will need to be returned to the Tehama County Library on the new due date after the 1st renewal.

Our Borrowing Policy: