Internet Policy

The Tehama County Library makes no claim of accuracy or of quality for any information found on the Internet.

Library staff is able to provide only minimal assistance in using public computers.

Rules for Internet Use

  • Computers are available at all branch libraries for public use.
  • Patrons must have a valid library card in good standing or photo ID for computer usage.
  • Sign-ups must be made in person at the front desk
  • Printing in black ink is available for 10¢ a page. Cash or check are the only accepted payments
  • Library staff will provide minimal assistance ONLY to computer users.
  • Patrons who require a cosigner must have signed consent for computer usage.
  • Users must promptly relinquish their computer terminal when asked to do so by staff.
  • No more than two people shall sit at an Internet terminal at the same time.
  • The terminal is in a public place. Patron must not display visual information that is objectionable to others.
  • Patron can’t use the computers to violate any law.
  • Patrons may not turn the computer off at any time. If patron’s computer freezes up, ask the staff for help.
  • Patrons may not change any settings on the computer or save any files to the hard disk.
  • Computer use for the day is done FIVE minutes before closing. Patrons must wrap up what they are working on and leave the computer station.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the loss of Internet privileges for six months or longer.

Revised November 15th, 2022